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Dolciaria Valtellinese: artisan workmanship and selected raw materials

Our products are made with care from the choice of raw materials to which we are particularly attentive and demanding

Flour type 1

We use Flour from 100% Italian soft wheat, which is prized for being grown with respect for the best agricultural practices and the people in the supply chain.

Type 1 flour contains more wheat bran and wheat germ, which are rich in fibers, mineral salts and vitamins that greatly increase its nutritional value and digestibility.

Italian oil from Frantoio de Carlo

De Carlo oil, of the highest Italian quality, boasts a long family tradition dating back to 1600 and is produced in the heart of Puglia.

Category A eggs

We use category A Italian eggs to guarantee the maximum freshness of our products.

In our products you will never find


artificial colors

palm oil

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