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The "Bisciola Valtellinese" is a typical sweet with ancient flavors

Legend has it that when Napoleon’s troops invaded northern Italy in 1797, they advanced as far as Valtellina, where Napoleon himself stopped off. On that occasion, the emperor asked his cook to prepare a cake using local ingredients, and so the Bisciola was born.

Legend aside, the Bisciola of the Valtellina is certainly a cake with ancient traditions that have been handed down for over two hundred years. In ancient times, the Bisciola was offered on the occasion of the Christmas festivities and its preparation began as early as the first months of autumn, a period in which housewives collected, dried and stored the fruits of the valley and then used them in the making of the Bisciola.

The ancient association of the typical Valtellina cake with the Christmas festivities still leads it to be known today as Panettone Valtellinese or Panun, even though the Bisciola is eaten all year round.

Every moment of the day is good to enjoy the healthy and tasty Bisciola, a soft, fragrant and fragrant cake.

The Dolciaria Valtellinese company is firmly rooted in its local area and continues the ancient tradition of making Bisciola in a artisanal way, using carefully selected, wholesome, high-quality ingredients such as flour, figs, raisins, walnuts, sugar, butter, egg yolk and honey, just as our ancestors did and still do.

The processing and leavening of the dough, with only natural yeast (flour and water), takes place in 36 hours of care and attention. This process makes it possible to obtain an easily digestible product, thanks also to the manual processing that maintains the elasticity of the dough.

The recipe for Dolciaria’s Bisciola has been handed down from generation to generation, making it a unique and unmistakable product.

To taste the Bisciola, we recommend that before eating it, you bring it close to a source of heat and cut it into thin slices: if it is cold it is really good, warm it is even better. It can be accompanied by whipped cream or zabaglione, or sprinkled with a good white grappa.

Delightful at the end of a meal, it is also excellent as a rich and nutritious breakfast or as a snack to last the day.
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